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A group of Very Small Enterprises committed to the
climate, health and the environment

H2B was created in 2015 to unite small and medium-sized companies in the world of health and environmental certification by activating the inseparable levers
of value and meaning.

One "pivot" later, we are 5 highly specialised V
ery Small Enterprises that position us as a "specialist" in conformity assessment for climate, health and the environment.

Our Vision

Because desire comes from mimeticism, with others' desires feeding our own, H2B has an unsurpassable objective for tomorrow: to open the way to another trajectory that will liberate and enthuse us.

To contribute to an economy that balances value and meaning. To bring about sustainable desires that balance freedom and justice.


Our Mission

Build an innovative center of excellence in France and in Europe, in the orbit of which test, inspection and certification companies interact and develop harmoniously.

Our values

Innovating to simplify

  • In all circumstances, seek to be truly useful by doing things more simply and effectively.


  • Develop creative and innovative digital tools to make life easier for small businesses and anticipate regulations.


  • Be open-minded and inventive in our responses to the questions we are asked.

Collective Intelligence

  • Encouraging diversity and active listening. Reflect together. Then commit to our collective conclusions.

  • Recognise benevolence and gratitude as essential conditions for collective intelligence.

  • Be a partner that listens to VSEs/SMEs. Take initiatives that develop the collective intelligence of our citizen community.



  • Passing on our know-how with pedagogy and enthusiasm.


  • To enable company managers to learn by doing in order to create a "snowball effect" with employees and their families.


  • To act as an actor in the field of tomorrow's world.

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