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CSR policy of the H2B Group

Create value and meaning in a sustainable way,
as a leader in climate, health and environmental compliance assessment


H2B provides a few essential Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies and indicators, which
can be completed locally, depending on the nature of each business.

“CSR for real”, starting with the climate.
In order to initiate and animate a “CSR for real”, H2B starts with the climate by focusing on:

- Pedagogy: training 100% of employees with the “Climate Fresk” climate change tool, at the latest within twelve months of their hiring. The Climate Fresk is an extraordinary tool to raise awareness and get all employees on board.

- Figures to action:  annual calculation of the Carbon Footprint Scope 1, 2 and 3 for each business. This is a powerful lever for action: on the one hand, Scope 3 is a simplified Life Cycle Analysis, and on the other hand, the single figure for the carbon footprint pulls all environmental parameters in the right direction.

- Collective intelligence: a "climate committee" is set up with volunteers within each division, with the mission of working on the mitigation of our carbon footprint and our adaptation (adaptation workshops) to the climate shift.

Respecting biodiversity, respecting diversity.
Our businesses aim to assess and prevent the risks of substances and natural or chemical products for humans and the environment, which contributes to the protection of biodiversity and the prevention of toxicological risks. Actions co-constructed with environmental associations, by leverage effect, can be sought for more efficiency. Human diversity of all kinds (gender, origins, orientation, disability, etc.) is also sought as a determining component of collective intelligence, our primary value. This diversity must also be
reflected throughout our management chain.

Growing to share, a capitalism that does not accumulate the value created.

Cash is the lifeblood of the company, allowing it to grow in the long term. It is not intended to be used to pay dividends to H2B shareholders. Simple profit-sharing mechanisms are favored whenever possible. The distribution of free stock shares enables the sharing of the value created, with those who contribute to its creation, and aims - among other things - at gender equality in its distribution.

Meaning in human and business relations.

By grouping together small and medium-sized companies while preserving their identities, H2B embodies its conviction that human size, trust, and simplicity are essential components of meaning. This voluntary and assumed decentralization is accompanied by safeguards such as ethical procedures against the risks of corruption or harassment and the whistleblower system that
guarantees proper compliance.

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