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Our mode of operation

Diversity of talents

  • The reward of detecting and promoting talent from all backgrounds in all kinds of contexts: women managers, young people from immigrant backgrounds, people with disabilities.

  • This is our very concrete response to the issue of sustainable development.


Confidence and simplicity

  • Growth through trust and simplicity.

  • Trust is an exceptional lever for the development and motivation of the men and women in a company: collective trust, mutual trust and self-confidence.


  • Simplicity is the sustainable answer to process improvement and to the issue of meaning in the company.

Collective adventure

  • To continue the adventure of the owners who remain and reinvest, a guarantee of stability and continuity for the employees.

  • The harmony between people so that each one can contribute to the rapid construction of a group, as a team, becomes a formidable collective adventure.


Operational Excellence

H2B is first and foremost an industrial operator committed to sharing best practices in operational excellence in 5 priority areas:

  • leadership (business management),

  • strategic marketing (and related sales),

  • asset optimisation (including the customer portfolio),

  • operational models (production)

  • and IT projects (starting with their governance).

Digital breakthrough

  • H2B shares the digital breakthrough as a marker of innovative corporate culture and differentiation for the client.

  • H2B achieves this breakthrough in an agile and harmonious way, in order to compress deadlines and divide costs.

  • H2B has progressively developed a series of 100% cloud solutions, generic for all TIC businesses


External growth

  • H2B leverages external growth by putting its founder's expertise in strategy, acquisition and financial tools at the service of the industrial project

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